Friday, 31 August 2012


Pin It Now! You might notice I have a spiffy new button at the top of each post when you click on the post title. Well its my pinterest button so you can pin things that appeal to you. I only ask if you could please give credit where it is due :)  I am also adding a Follow Me On Pinterest Button for those who would like to follow me!

I do warn you I pin a ton of craftiness and am slightly addicted to Pinterest. I am not a huge fan of social media online, I love to stalk blogs and look up quiltiness but I have gotten away from things like Facebook and never actually signed up for twitter, myspace etc, but pinterest has really grabbed my attention, its so much fun and so inspirational!

So I hope you will come take a look and let me know if you are on there so I can steal some of your pins for my boards! Haha!

Been busy cleaning and what not here today but I did get some time to make some re-usable breast pads for one of my girlfriends at work who is almost 35 weeks along! We were talking the other day and she mentioned how she had already gone through tons of disposable nursing pads and didn't even like them so I volunteered to make her some and here is the finished product! 4 pairs with 2 layers of bamboo cotton, 1 layer of flannel and 1 layer of PUL so as to not leak through her shirt. She is going to give me some feedback on these after she uses them so I can improve the design as needed! Aren't they such fun colours!!

I also was able to get 3 more blocks cut out for A-Mazed so hopefully I will have those sewn up and ready to show you later!

I also built an Ikea bookshelf! Haha it has been sitting on our living room floor for about 3 weeks and I figured I really should put it together. So now it is just a matter of putting all our books on it!

Well I am off to get some more sewing done!
Happy Stitching!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Eye Candy and Updates!

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It has been so lovely here lately and I have been getting a good amount of sewing done which is so rewarding :)

Japanese Flower Garden
So you can see below I have been making progress on my Japanese flower garden quilt. The one incomplete flower below is now done I just didn't want to take the picture again. I am done 11 flowers at this point each with 19   1-1/2" hexagons. One of the girls at work was saying I should make this into a table cloth instead, I am thinking about it but am not sure yet.

Curious kitty must investigate.

Christmas Wall Hanging
So I am just about done the first of three redwork pieces that I am going to turn into a wall hanging for my In-Laws for Christmas. So cute right!! 

Do you remember when I talked about the pattern I was going to do for my brother for Christmas? I am using Parson Grey's Curious Nature to make it. Well, yesterday I started it :) Only have one block finished as I wanted to make sure there was no suprises when I cut/pieced. I find A Quilters Dream patterns have a lot of waste when cutting so I recalculated all the cutting and have much more usable fabric at the end of it. I hate wasting fabric.
The pattern I am using. Sorry for the blurry picture!
If you want to get a copy of the pattern or look at some of their other ones go to A Quilter's Dream at
Very Boyish right!? I love the fabric line. Hopefully my brother will enjoy it as well! 

 So excited that I was able to pick up 2 parcels at the post office today!! The first one below was 3 scrap bags and the cute pattern from Fig Tree Quilts
Even thought I ended up having major post office issues the Figueroa's we so helpful and we eventually got everything resolved. So much cute scrap fabric. Not sure yet what I have planned for it but I was thinking a super scrappy quilt and just cut and sew. No pattern just sew it up randomly, should be interesting to see what happens!!

Of course the second I opened the fabric my kitties try to claim it as their own bed. 

Don't you love the cute little pattern!

I also ordered some stuff from Connecting Threads
Cute little baby quilt kit for my girlfriend at work. It is fairly gender neutral since she is not finding out gender and she is happy with blues and greens for a girl as well. 

Got some more papers for my hexagons some batik yardage at the top and the bottom is a fall batik layer cake. And some wonder clips by clover. I am super excited to try them out so I guess I should get my butt in gear and get something quilted!! 

Better picture of the layer cakes. I also picked up 2 winter themed batik layer cakes. 

Such a yummy haul! I can't wait to get cutting into it!!

Well I am off to stitch some more and get some stuff done!

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!!
Happy Stitching

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Future Projects

Pin It Now! So this is my wish list of future projects. Some I have what I need for it and others are just ideas :)

Cathedral Windows
I know I have talked about this one before! I LOVE the look of Cathedral Windows quilts. They just amaze me and are so beautiful
Here is a lovely Flickr group that has tons and tons of cathedral windows quilt ideas!

In Full Bloom
Have you seen any of McKenna Ryan's Quilt Patterns or Kits? If you like fusible applique or just jaw dropping stunning quilts go to her website here: Pine Needles- McKenna Ryan
This quilt is available as a block of the month through Hamels Fabric and Quilting : which is an on-line Canadian store. My mom is absolutely in love with this quilt but will never ever do it. She hates appliqué. So I think I am going to be a super awesome (and crazy!) daughter and make this for her. Likely not any-time soon but I think I will order the BOM shortly. She will hopefully get it for next Christmas (or maybe the one after!! haha)
In Full Bloom Complete Set

I picked this stunning quilt kit up at the Hamel's Fabric and Quilting booth at Heritage Park Quilt Festival here in Calgary in May. I could not just walk away and of course they only had one left at the booth.
I am completely in love. Looks like fairly easy appliqué but the colours are just to die for. If you want one they are still selling some kits in their shop online Fleur Quilt Kit
Fleur Quilt Kit
Fleur Quilt Kit

Vintage Tin-By Crabapple Hill

I really want to make this quilt for my dad to hang in or near his garage. I would change the license plates to Canadian ones, and ones that my dad has in the garage. Basically anything American on it will be changed into Canadian. But otherwise I would stick to the pattern. Isn't it so deliciously guy-ish? I mean really what garage and car tinkering guy would turn this beauty down! haha!!
Pattern available here Crabapple Hill- Vintage Tin

So these are just a couple on my wish list and I hope they have inspired you as well!!

What's on your wish list?

Happy Stitching!!


Monday, 20 August 2012


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Since I am still without my lovely sewing machine I figured I would let you in on a little tidbit about me. I love to crochet!

I taught myself through youtube videos about 2 years ago and fell in love. It works up so much quicker than knitting, which I am not a huge fan of but will periodically revisit to see if I like it yet :) I haven't made any big crochet projects yet as I prefer to make baby items. 

So this post is basically a gratuitous post of pictures of some crocheted items I have made. If there is a particular item you want to know the pattern for please let me know and I will direct you to the etsy shop where I purchased it :) 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Projects, Projects, Projects

Pin It Now! Good Afternoon All!!
Lets talk about Projects today, how many do you have? I have been making lists of ones I have started, want to start and have the stuff for and want to start and don't have anything for. Let me say that it is quite a LARGE list haha!!

I find I am very easily suckered into projects :P I just love so many different styles and there are a ton of things I want to do. Does this happen with everyone else? One of the girls at my quilting group said a friend of hers did a list of WIP and she had 73!!!!! That is not a typo. I am not near that number yet but just going through and seeing what I have on my list is a little intimidating I must admit.

Here are my numbers!
14 WIP's- these range from big to small and I will be adding Christmas gifts on here as well plus some small  
crocheted gifts

5 Projects to Quilt- these are all small except for one double size quilt top

14 Projects on my "To Start" List- These are projects I have kind of started in the respect that I have either the fabrics already, it was a kit I bought, I already have plans for if it is going to someone, or a place to put it. And of course it also includes the ones I am dying to make and keep such as dresden plate and cathedral windows.

So how about you guys? What are your numbers? 

I would love to know! So leave a comment and we can see who has the most haha!

So onto updates!

I have decided not to give Farmers Market to my inlaws for christmas this year at least. I am not super happy with the quilt in general at the moment and don't want to keep going with it as a Christmas gift and decide I hate it and then have nothing to give. So I am going to keep going but need to decide how I want to change it. SO I needed a new gift idea and stumbled upon the free patterns from Red Brolly whom I love. They had three Christmas sampler stitching designs that I am going to make into a wall hanging and I am much happier about giving it as a gift :)
Here is what I got accomplished last night when I decided to do it:
(sorry about the lighting)
Here is the link to the patterns if you wish do complete them as well.

Red Brolly also has an amazing and gorgeous free quilt pattern for Christmas right now called the Wish Quilt. Bronwyn is releasing the next part every couple of days and they are so cute!! Here is a link to the first pattern and the layout plus lots of pretty pictures of the quilt so you can see what you are getting into!!

I have been getting lots of stitching done on my Japanese Flower Garden as well 1 big flower is finished completely which brings my total of big flowers to 7 out of 25 with #8 being worked on as below. I also have 2 small flowers completed and 3 more basted as seen below! Progress is coming along slowly but surely.

Hope you are having a fantastic day!!!


Friday, 10 August 2012


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So my sewing machine just ate my bobbin. No word of a lie, it actually ATE it. I tend to wind a couple bobbins at a time and leave one on the bobbin winder for a quick grab. Never had an issue before a half hour ago. So there I was sewing along on my Farmers Market quilt when I was hearing this weird screech/squeek sound every so often. Thinking it was from outside I ignored it for a little bit as the machine was sewing fine. No other tell-tale signs. Then it kept happening and I looked up and saw my  bobbin half empty with it going off towards my hand crank. Ok not too scary I hoped, likely just wound around the hand crank, should be ok. Right???   Wrong!!!!! the thread has somehow made itself INTO the machine!! As I was happily sewing along I was also winding more of the thread off the bobbin winder an into the recesses of my machine that I can't see. OMG, OMG, OMG! So I started pulling the thread bit and ended up having to "back- stitch" with the hand crank for the next half hour. Unfortunately I got to the point where no matter what I did I couldn't get anymore thread out and then it broke!!!!! :'( Now there is no more machine sewing for me until I can take it in to get serviced. And of course I am super super busy with work this week.
See that brown thread going down into crack? I am trying to pull the thread out at this point. 
Here is the gigantic tangle I had gotten out of the machine. If you can see the pink bobbin it was on at the back of the tangle you can see it is about half full now. It was completely full :(

Has this happened with anyone else? Or am I just super special and it was my machines way of demanding to be sent for servicing? I would love to hear your sewing machine horror stories so I don't feel so left out!

But for now:

Happy (Hand) Stitching!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Christmas Napkins Tutorial

Pin It Now! Well I am a bit slow on getting this posted but there is still plenty of time before Christmas! So flip through the tutorial and definitely try it yourself! They are very easy to whip up over the weekend and make great gifts. Also check out the bottom of the post on how to enter the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software giveaway!

Makes 6 Napkins
1.5 meter front fabric
1.5 meter coordinating backing fabric
Matching thread for handsewing the opening and stitching the napkin
Contrasting thread for the "garland" detail or ric-rac/ribbon etc which ever you choose.
Template- Christmas Napkin Template

To make the template click on the link above and print 4 copies. Tape together. As stated on the template ignore the dips in the corners where the templates meet. You will be making a semi circle with you template.

Using your template and your first fabric either trace around your template (remember to NOT trace the dips, just make a smooth semi-circle) and then cut the semi circle or just cut around. Whichever way you prefer. You will be cutting 6 semi circles.

Do the same thing with your second fabric.

***** If you have a directional print make sure to cut your semi circles with the flat bottom to the top. If you  have your directional prints cut with the "tops" of say a bird pointing to the circular part f the napkin they will be upside down when folded.********
See how the directional print has been cut both ways?

Now when we take directional print with the straight edge at the bottom it will end up upside down

On the Left we have the directional print that was cut straight edge at the top. On the Right we have the directional print with straight edge at the bottom and the birds are upside down. So watch those directional prints!!

Now that you have 6 of each fabric cut out take one of each and layer them right sides together. Start sewing  with your matching thread about 3-4 inches before the straight part ends and continue all the way around the curve and stop about 2" from your starting point. This leaves you an opening for turning right side out on the straight edge which makes it easy to sew closed later.  Repeat 5 more times!

Clip the 2 corners and if you can trim your seam allowance on the curved edge just a bit. I didn't but its up to you :)

Turn right side out and poke out the corners into a nice point with a chop stick or something similar that won't go through your fabric. Start ironing your napkin making sure to push the seam out so you have a nice crisp edge. It will take a bit of fiddling so take your time and don't burn yourself!

Hand sew your opening closed with matching thread using your favourite stitch. Whip stitch works fairly well just try to take small stitches so that it is hard to see your thread.

Once you have all those stitched closed, (I promise it won't take a super long time! Just throw on a good show or cd and stitch away)we can start on the fun part!!

Sorry! No pictures here but pretty self explanatory!

Thread your bobbin and machine with your contrasting thread. I used a gold coloured thread which matches my napkins since most of mine had gold accents in the fabric.

I set my machine to an astrik (*) stitch because it reminded me of snowflakes. Use whatever stitch you like on yours. Now you will be stitching ONLY THE CURVE! Do NOT stitch on the straight edge!!! It will look a little funny if you do. Take your time and you may need to stop and reposition slightly depending on your machine.

Once you get to the other end it worked best for me to chain sew the garland, so one I was at the other end of the curve I butted the next napkin (straight edge to straight edge and just kept sewing the garland. This way I was sure there was no threads being tangled at the back by stopping and starting again. Plus it make it quicker! Then just cut apart as you go. I might add a smidge of fray check to lock the stitching in place and prevent it from coming undone.

If you don't have decorative stitches on your machine don't despair!! Just find some coordinating ribbon or ric rac and sew it onto both sides of the napkins curve. Another option is something like bias tape on the curve. Just use your imaginations and you will find something to use :)
You can kind of see the garland after the needle. and the pressed edge of the curve before it. 
Here you can see the chain stitching of the napkins

You are almost done! The best way is to just play around a little until you find the number of folds you like best. I have pictures of napkins showing a 4 fold and 6 fold trees. I personally like the 6 fold better but whatever you prefer! I fold mine now by trial and error but I know there are those of you who like specific directions. I found starting in one end with a 45degree triangle works well for a 6 fold tree. Just kind of follow along with the pictures.

At this point straighten it up a bit and adjust as needed to make sure no sides are sticking out funny and iron it all down!

Here is some with 4 folds They are done with a 30 degree angle.

Now if you really want to you can sew lines in a matching thread along the ironed lines so that when they are washed the recipient will know where to fold again.

That's it! Hopefully you all enjoyed this tutorial. Feel free to ask questions in the comments!!!

ALSO don't forget you can enter the Digital Scrapbooking Giveaway from My Memories in my previous post!! Just go to my previous post and follow the directions at the bottom of it- all you need to do is pick your favourite layout and put it in the comments. It is really fun and enjoyable and super easy to use!

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!!!